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We integrate social and environmental
values into our management model through
our commitments and certifications.


We are committed to strengthening our quality, environmental, safety and social responsibility systems , applying different policies. We demonstrate respect for the environment and commitment to the environment and commitment to environmental management through technological investments in our facilities. We have a comprehensive management system and internal and external audits to maintain high standards of quality and efficiency.


At Siderúrgica Balboa, we offer high quality products and services to our customers, we have a team of highly qualified professionals and state-of-the-art technologies to guarantee the quality of our processes and products.

We are constantly working on continuous improvement, and our certifications demonstrate our commitment to quality and the regulating standards.


We have rigorous  environmental management policies and are committed to innovation and risk reduction to improve the impact of our industrial activity and produce more sustainable steel.  We have obtained support and funding from the European Regional Development Fund for energy saving and efficiency projects in our sector, achieving an estimated saving of  94,51 Tep/año.


Safety and prevention are priorities in Siderúrgica Balboa.

We take measures to minimise and control risks in our steel production facilities and we have policies and certifications that collect and reflect all the measures in place to control occupational risks and make our facilities a safe environment.


Obtaining the Steel Sustainability certificate demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement, respect for the environment and the prevention of occupational risks. This certificate guarantees our commitment to innovation and risk reduction in order to produce more sustainable steelAENOR recognises our voluntary effort for a responsible management model that integrates social and environmental values in our business.
As proof of A.G. Siderúrgica Balboa’s commitment to energy, we have received support for the development of the project under the energy saving and efficiency assistance programme for small and large companies in the industrial sector, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The estimated final energy savings have been 94.51 TOE/year. You can find information about this assistance programme at the following link.