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We have a common goal based on sustainable growth,
caring for society and the environment.


At Siderúrgica Balboa we are committed to protecting the environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We are currently developing projects for the production of green steel, using hybrid systems with hydrogen to replace fossil fuels and implementing projects to use renewable electricity. Our commitment is firm, we have achieved a 23% reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2017 and are committed to reducing a further 30% by 2030 to achieve climate neutrality by 2050


We produce steel from scrap as our main raw material, which helps us to recycle more than 1 million tonnes of scrap per year. At the same time, we are promoting waste recovery and achieving a 40% increase compared to 2017.

We aim for our industry to contribute to increasing the well-being of society, which is why we are committed to the pact for a circular economy with the goal of involving key economic and social stakeholders in the transition to a new economic model in Spain.


We consider the reduction of energy consumption to be fundamental. We are developing projects to improve the efficiency of our production processes and reduce our energy consumption.Our certifications in the steel sustainability systems and ISO 50001, demonstrate our commitment to society and energy efficiency. We are transparent and work to promote the progress and wealth of our collaborators and the communities in which we are present. All this translates into a reduction in consumption compared to the 2017 baseline:
  • Electricity: -6.09% (2021).
  • Water: -19.15% (2021).
  • Natural Gas: -1.92% (2021).
  • Coal: -36.16% (2021).


At Siderúrgica Balboa we promote the protection of the environment through different actions:

  • Pollution prevention.
  • Evaluation and reduction of environmental impacts.
  • Our certifications in various international management systems provide value and confidence to our customers, collaborators and environments in which we are involved.
  • We are committed to harmonised standards to achieve reliable and adequate environmental protection.
The synergies with the rest of the Group’s companies allow us to establish a value chain so that waste can be used as raw material for other processes and industries.

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